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The ingredients of our restaurant are: simple but quality dishes, genuine and local products, a cuisine made with love and a smile always ready to brighten your convivial moments.


Our kitchen's protagonists are Augusto, Rocco and Pietro, three professionals in the restaurant business for over 30 years.


For Augusto, a master of the kitchen who will delight your palate, being a chef is a mission whose origin is personal satisfaction and whose aim is the well-being of his customers. 

Rocco is our guru of the 3 essentials of Mediterranean gastronomy: pizza, bread and pastry!

Creative, professional and always ready with a joke, he is the master of dough and will win you over with his unmissable novelty: the vegetable carbon dough, for a more digestible and lighter pizza!

Pietro, a young and passionate cook, pays attention to detail and harmonises each dish, bringing out the flavours of each dish with a skilful culinary art, enhancing the harmonious fusion of local ingredients. 

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Food and wine are moments to be shared.

At the Relais Lucomagno we have set up two spaces that will frame your meals: the Restaurant and the Chalet.


Two spaces to be filled with friends, family, chats and smiles.

Let yourself be welcomed by a warm atmosphere and an ever-ready smile.

Letizia, Monica, Mirko, Alessandro and Romeo will accompany you during your meal with care, friendliness and professionalism. 

They will observe you to understand your requests and will make sure they are met, taking care that your dishes come out rich,

well-prepared and tasty.

They will listen to your cheerful voices, observe your newborn or emerging loves, watch you exchange dishes with the same complicity with which you share your lives. They will make sure that the shape, texture and taste of what you eat will lead you out of this restaurant satisfied and in a good mood. 


You can choose from a varied menu designed for every taste or enjoy a traditional Swiss meal in our chalet dining room.

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